Get Ready For a Surprise! My Name is Not Quaid has Dropped.

Get Ready For a Surprise! My Name is Not Quaid has Dropped.

I remember the first time hearing of total recall in the playground of primary school. Rumours spread, kids with bigger brothers spilling the beans. It sounded insane, scary, over the top and very violent and we all wanted to watch it. There was a whole host of films covertly passed around on VHS, small covens of sci-fi nerds secretly gathering to have the shit scared out of them. This film was one of those classics.

Based on Philip K Dicks 'we can remember it for you wholesale' this film carries over elements of PKD's cosmology. The Black Iron Prison is subtly changed to cold, bare concrete. The Empire, very clearly, hasn't died. Much like Dicks novels this film has been eerily prescient. 

There is a crap version of Facetime, a better version of the Nintendo switch. Full body scanners at the airport? Yep. Elon Musk seems to have changed the world, switching us to electric cars, and Uber has finally succeeded in replacing taxi drivers for Johnny Cabs - well at least here on earth.

Verhoeven (who we will be returning with future cans - had better do the trifecta...) effortlessly weaves many elements together. A critique of consumerism run rampant bombarded with a 24hr news cycle, and scathing class analysis. But this is all surface stuff. Beneath this crushing social system, the same eternal questions refuse to die. 

Who am I? What is a memory? Why am I here? How did I end up breaking rocks and showing off my guns? This sudden violent journey starts with the statement ' my name is not Quaid!' And ends in the bowels of a massive ancient pyramid, where death is transmuted into life. A planet reborn.

Why classic cult movies for our special releases? Well, they have a special place in our hearts. They are an endless supply of dad jokes and one-liners. This theme seemed the obvious answer. I mean, ‘I've five kids to feed’, so we have to keep it fresh. Grab a pack, strap in for a nostalgic journey and I will see you at the party - preferably with your arms still intact.

We hope you enjoy the ride! Oh, and happy International Beer Day!

Words: Eoin Wilson, brewer, farmer, legend.




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